Waterline Renewal Technologies

Washington DC Water and the Perma-Liner Connection


The DC Water sewer system is about as old as it gets with some pipes dating back to before the Civil War, and construction materials including everything from brick to vitrified clay to cast iron to concrete.  More than 630,000 residential, commercial and governmental customers in the District of Columbia receive wastewater collection and treatment services from the utility, which also provides wholesale wastewater treatment for about 1.6 million people in neighboring counties outside the District in Maryland and Virginia. The DC Water collection system consists of 1,800 miles of sanitary and combined sewers, 22 flow-metering stations, nine offsite wastewater pumping stations and 25,000 catch basins. The sewers range from 8-inch pipelines to 27-foot arches. About two-thirds of the system is separated, with combined sewers carrying both sanitary and storm water in the downtown and other older sections of the service area.

As in most cities, DC Water’s customers are responsible for the portion of the sewer lateral on their property, while maintenance of the lateral from the sewer to the property line is the responsibility of DC Water’s department of sewer services. There are 150,000 laterals in the service area, typically 4-inch pipes running 5 to 100 feet in length.  For decades, the department has used open-cut replacement methods to maintain the integrity of its laterals. This approach resulted in significant costs to restore the surfaces and roadways that were disrupted by the process. After careful review, the utility selected the CIPP process offered by Perma-Liner Industries, purchased the necessary equipment, and trained an in-house crew of four employees.


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