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Sinkhole Opens near White House, Causes Major Construction

Sinkhole Opens near White House, Causes Major Construction

Washington D.C. is busy with people constantly on the go. It’s even busier around the White House. So when a sinkhole opened up recently, you can imagine it caused major issues in some fairly frequent thoroughfares people use daily. To add to the headaches, there have been major delays trying to repair the hole.

About a block away from the White House, the sinkhole opened and a sewer line was damaged. Before the hole can even be repaired, the line needs to be fixed. The repairs are quite complicated because, in addition to the sewer line, there are power lines underground with more than 230,000 volts of electricity [running] through this particular section of road.

The project is expected to be complete by next week, bringing relief to thousands of commuters who have had to use alternate routes.

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