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Potomac River Basin Implements 2-Day Workshop


The Potomac River Basin stretches across parts of four states, as well as the District of Columbia. This area is also called the Potomac Watershed. The drainage area of the Potomac includes 14,670 square miles. The largest flow ever recorded on the Potomac at Washington, D.C., was 275 billion gallons per day in March 1936. The lowest flow ever recorded at the same location was 388 million gallons per day in September 1966. The average flow at this location is about 7 billion gallons per day. Water and wetlands make up 5.9 percent of the basin’s land area.  The Watershed is currently offering an instructional workshop for teachers of students in grades 4-12. In this two-day workshop teachers not only learn about the connections among watersheds, land use, and water quality, they also build a watershed model that their students can use to investigate historical land use, water pollution, and the use of best management practices.

In addition to the teacher’s workshop, other rewarding events have been recently offered at the Watershed, such as: an opportunity for children to engage with oysters, boosting citizen water monitoring, Dominion Energy coal ash pond cleanup, and an exciting ride on the river at White’s Ferry!

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