Waterline Renewal Technologies

Perma-Lateral Air-Inversion Lining Ststem

Repairs Cracked or Broken Pipes without Extensive Excavation

How it works: The Perma-Lateral ™ System uses PVC coated polyester needle felt tube reinforced with a Patent Pending polyester scrim. The tubular material is impregnated with a two part 100% epoxy resin. This resinis designed specifically for the Perma-Lateral System. The impregnated tube is inverted inside out allowing the resin to bond and seal with the existing host. The PVC coating becomes the new jointless inner wall from beginning to end without joints. The flexible PVC coating allows the liner material to invert through 22’s, 45’s, and sweeping 90-degree bends with ease.

Features & Benefits of the Perma-Lateral Lining System

  • Eliminates Roots and Infiltration
  • Bridges Missing Pipe Sections
  • Pipe diameters from 2” up to 8”
  • 3” to 4” and 4” to 6” pipe flow transitions
  • Styrene Free Resin
  • Any Pipe material: cast, clay, PVC, etc.
  • Minimum life span 50 years per ASTM F 1216 Third Party Testing
  • IAPMO App roved Materials
  • Third party tested and certified
  • Environmentally Safe/Odorless Materials
  • NSF Standard 14 Certification and Quality Assurance Program
  • ICC PMG-1068 Approval
Perma Lateral Lining
Perma Lateral Lining

Perma Lateral Lining
Perma Lateral Lining

Perma Lateral Lining
Perma Lateral Lining