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Heavy Rain-Induced Overflows Strike Deep Creek Lake


Across the nation, many cities have been engulfed by heavy rains this month. The small community of McHenry, MD. was not left out. On two separate, but near occasions, Western Maryland’s Deep Creek Lake sustained a sewage spill and a sewer overflow. One overflow was due to a section of culvert pipe that washed out after heavy rains, causing a break in a six-inch sewer line. The break was caused by a large rock that fell on the sewer pipe discharging sewage into a tributary that flows into Deep Creek Lake.  In an unrelated incident, another leak occurred due to the failure of a check valve on a private sewer line, running through a culvert into the Lake. The second overflow totaled approximately 2,500 gallons. The faulty pump was on private property, in the yard of a homeowner. Much of the sewage was collected in a dry drainage ditch and not in the lake.

Looking for a fourth of July event? Remember the annual ‘Fire on the Mountain’ Fireworks Display! Fireworks will launch from the Wisp Resort and displayed over the waters of Deep Creek Lake.

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