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Community Solar Projects Take Root in Maryland


The City of Baltimore has recently approved a new community solar legislation. Community projects, sometimes called community solar gardens, expand access to renewable energy by allowing multiple people to invest in or subscribe to a solar energy project and offset a portion of their electric bill from the energy generated through a credit. Projects ideas in Baltimore neighborhoods are being put into action. Suggestions include the roof of an apartment building, a community center, a church or even in an open field. More than 50 community renewable energy projects are currently operating in 17 states. The goal is to make clean energy solutions available to a greater number of Marylanders and help regulators across the country learn more about the considerable advantage of community solar. Community projects are believed to strengthen neighborhoods, create better air quality and expedite the transition to 100 percent renewable energy. It is also a way to be more cost effective by reducing utility rates and charges. Policies that are currently in progress are: 30 percent of the dedicated community solar capacity set aside for low and moderate income projects, ensuring that communities of all income levels will have the opportunity to participate and reap the benefits of renewable energy.  And full retail rate credit for subscribed renewable energy, ensuring that community participants receive the same economic benefits as traditional net metering customers.

Interesting fact: Maryland’s Clean Energy Grant Program offers a solar power rebate. Now, every homeowner installing panels on their roof gets a flat $1,000 rebate.

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