Waterline Renewal Technologies

Baltimore’s Progressive Path to New and Improved Sewer Systems

Many cities on the East coast are in the process of a sizable undertaking to renew their aging infrastructures. Specifically the water and sewer systems. Baltimore is one of the cities that is on a mission to make the necessary improvements to ensure the quality and stability of these systems. The main obligation is to manage the overloaded sewer system that has become less functional due to all of the heavy rain storms and inadequate capacity to hold these large amounts. Fortunately, there are current initiatives to address the challenges at hand.  Baltimore’s capital investment program will include enhancements to the currently used technology, creating an opportunity for new jobs in engineering and the industry. Strategies are aligned to focus new engineers on advanced technology and skills needed in the growing industry of sewer maintenance and water systems.  Engineers are required to learn a broad range of essential skills and will rotate through different departments within the city structure. In addition to the agenda to repair and replace the sewer pipelines, an ongoing challenge with hydraulics at one of the sewer treatment plants will be addressed. This has created an obstacle for the wastewater draining process.

And finally, you may have heard about the family of 8 (ducklings, by the way) that fell into a storm drain in Southwest Washington? Well not to worry! The city has brought them all to safety, and quickly too. Within a short amount of time they were rescued and reunited with their mother, who was waiting patiently nearby. All is well that ends well. Our unsuspecting furry friends would be well-advised to watch their step as we are starting to see these occurrences more frequently.

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