Waterline Renewal Technologies

Baltimore’s High Cost Sewer Correction


The City of Baltimore is prepared to overhaul a leaky and aging sewer system at a pricey $400 million. There have been many costly initiatives over the last decade in an effort to fix the ailing sewer system. However, the City’s harbor has yet to be free of contamination due to substances spilling from a sewer line laden with potentially harmful bacteria.  It is a good idea to take extra precaution when swimming or kayaking.  Of the rehabilitated pipelines to date, there have been 85 miles overhauled, as well as, dozens of plugged overflows.  The projected finish of all repairs is 2018, as a major repair is still in the initial phase.  Many nearby Cities, including Baltimore, are under a mandated deadline of 2020 to stop chronic sewer overflows.  Many of these overflows stem from blockages in sewer lines. Statewide, 40 percent of overflows reported in dry weather are blamed on grease, rags, trash and other materials not suited for the sewer, according to local agencies.  As of September 2, the city reported releasing 750,000 gallons of sewage into local waters this year from 381 separate overflows. By comparison, 9.7 million gallons overflowed last year — the bulk during a record one-day summer downpour.  Work is also underway on rehabilitating another 90 miles of sewer lines which will be upgraded in west Baltimore.


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